Today we’re talking about freelancer marketplaces. Finding new clients can be a tedious task that many freelancers can’t stand doing. It’s burdensome to have to constantly go out and look for new clients while servicing your current clients and handling all the other tasks you must handle as a business owner.

So where do you go to find new clients? Many freelancers use freelancer marketplaces. Using marketplaces, depending on the type, are easy ways to be found by and find new clients. So what’s the catch? In this post I’m going to discuss the pros and cons of using marketplaces to find freelance clients.

Pros of Using Freelancer Marketplaces to Find Clients

  • Freelancer marketplaces are a great place for finding clientele because they are easy to use and easy to be found, with just a few movements you can be up and ready to submit proposals.
  • Freelancer marketplaces make it easy to build clientele for freelancers who do not currently have a client base.
  • Using freelancer marketplaces are a great way to get positive reviews and experience working on projects; it’s a great source to build out your portfolio
  • Freelancer marketplaces provide you the opportunity to work with businesses from around the globe instead of just in your local area.
  • Many freelancer marketplaces provide services to help you collect your funds after the project has completed. This ensures you get paid for the work you’ve done.

Cons of Using Freelancer Marketplaces to Find Clients

  • Many clients on freelancer marketplaces are looking for a good “deal” and may not want to pay as much as you are trying to charge.
  • Competition on these freelancer marketplaces can be high; you need to do amazing work and get many great testimonials to show up in searches and catch the eye of potential clients.
  • Freelancer marketplace fees can be high depending on which platforms you use. These can be as high as 30%.
  • Getting paid on some platforms can take up to 2 weeks to get your money, so be prepared for that.
  • Not all freelancer marketplaces are good for all freelancers. Do your research and compare and contrast the features that will be most useful to you with the cost of using the platform.

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