The Science of Becoming a Creative Freelancer


Do you have amazing web design, photography, or writing skills? Ever thought about turning those skills into a career? Have you been thinking about becoming a freelancer? This course will walk you through the process of setting up your creative freelance business. From gaining a successful freelancer mindset to drafting the perfect proposal, this course goes into detail about how to create a successful creative freelance business.



  • Learn to build a freelancer mindset.
  • Setup the necessary business tools.
  • Pull together your support squad.
  • How to brand your business.
  • How to advertise your business.
  • Setup your hourly rate, profile, and portfolio.
  • All about your proposal.
  • How to run a discovery call.
  • How to setup your contract sequence.
  • On-boarding your client.
  • Scoping a project.
  • Working with your first client.
  • How to close out a project.
  • Special circumstances that pop-up.