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Welcome to the Freelancer to Boss podcast, the place for you to learn how to build a successful digital freelance business. Each episode contains nuggets of knowledge that can be used to help you create the freelancer life you’ve always wanted.

In this week’s episode I’m going to discuss how to attract and keep the attention of new clients. It all starts by knowing who your niche is. I’m sure you’ve heard this before, but it’s so important, it warrants repeating. Your niche, for those who aren’t familiar, is a group of people who have a shared set of characteristics and fit into the customer base you’ve selected to go after.

Many coaches will teach you to identify a niche. If you’re a web designer your niche can’t be all businesses, that’s way too broad. You have to niche down. However, there’s a second step many coaches don’t tell you about. After you’ve selected your niche and learned all you can about them, you still need to carve out your ideal clients. Those are the ones to whom you’ll be marketing.

Your ideal clients are a subset of your niche. They’re the ones who are willing and able to pay for your services. Just because someone fits into your nonprofit niche, doesn’t mean they are willing and able to pay for your services. It’s imperative you not waste time, money or effort marketing to those outside your ideal client base.

After you’ve identified your ideal clients, you need to position yourself as the solution to their problem. There could be any number of problems your ideal clients could be having. It’s your job to identify the problem and be the solution.

This problem solving comes before selling to the potential client. This problem solving is called adding value. It is important that you offer as much value to your potential ideal clients as possible before you begin pitching or selling to them. By providing value up front, you’re showing your expertise. Think of it as the pre-game show. You’re identifying reasons why they should go with you, instead of your competitors. Show ’em what you can do.

Finally, build relationships. The last step in the process of attracting the right clients is to build relationships with them. When you walk away from an encounter with a potential ideal client, you should feel connected — closer to them. This type of connection comes from the value bringing that you did during your conversation. By adding value and solving their problem, you’ve filled a gap and met a need, this is automatic relationship building.

Once that relationship has been built, it’s up to you to keep it alive. This can be done by reaching out to them every now and again (at least once a month) and reminding them that you exist and you’re there for them if they need help with their ___________ (fill in the blank). This monthly touchpoint should be personal and should be in addition to any emails you send through your email list.

Remember, you’re building relationships, not impersonal lists of people. You never know when a client may need your services or if their close friends, family or acquaintances may need something from you. You want to set yourself up as the go to person for whatever services you offer. You want to be the one they list when someone asks for a recommendation in one of their Facebook groups. You can only do this through a relationship with them.

So the crux of the story is to niche down and identify your ideal clients, show value by becoming the solution to their problem and build strong relationships that can manifest into “giving trees” later. A simple but important process to follow, don’t you think?

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